Board of Directors

Dan Aldag

Dan Aldag is a trombonist and professor at Humboldt State University, where he leads the Jazz Orchestra and AM Jazz Band, coaches the Jazz Combos, and teaches courses in jazz and the history of rock and roll.

Michael Eldridge

Michael Eldridge is a musical omnivore, lapsed trombonist, and Professor of English and International Studies at Humboldt State University, where he teaches literature, postcolonial studies and cultural theory.

Eric Neel

Eric Neel is an Emmy-nominated journalist for ESPN and Deputy Editor of ESPN Digital/Print Enterprise. His Ph.D dissertation (University of Iowa, 2000) explores postwar idealism and American identity in the work of James Baldwin, Allen Ginsburg, and John Coltrane.

Michael Quam

Michael Quam is a poet, gospel singer, and retired professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois, Springfield--and an inveterate club-goer.

David Stacey

David Stacey is a trumpeter, barbecuer, and Professor of English at Humboldt State University, where he teaches rhetoric and composition.

John Clement Wood

John Clement Wood is a musican, composer, aspiring novelist, doting father, and founder of Learning Music Monthly. You can hear (and buy) his music at Bandcamp and visit him on Tumblr.

Thomas Fossier

Emeritus (founding) board member Thomas Fossier is a carpenter, cabinetmaker, designer, potter, pianist, and Renaissance Man. Oh, and whitewater rafter. In one of his many former lives, he was a commercial pilot and fish-spotter in Alaska. He's now pursuing other passions and still listening to jazz--on his own time.

Loralei Saylor

And board member emerita Loralei Saylor is a former database analyst with a background in amphibian biology. She also volunteered for many years with the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, and she's still a full-time grandmother.